Why 12 websites?

The idea is similar to Pieter Levels' 12 Startups In 12 Months. The key idea behind my version is not to build 12 startups or even projects that generate a lot of money, but to build and learn. That's also why I define the term "website" quite broadly, it can either be a hobby site for a subject I'm personally interested in, a landing project for a product I may or may not build in the future, or a content site delivering value around a certain topic.

The stack

Coming from ruby / Ruby on Rails, every website I was building was basically a full-blown Ruby on Rails app, even if the only real functionality I was using was the contact form. And it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a database attached if you don't use it, plus the hosting costs are quite expensive.

So, embarking on static website builders, I settled on Middleman. It uses familiar Ruby / Rails syntax, seemed easy and well supported enough, I can add static data to it, deployment should be easy, and hosting costs are cheap on AWS S3.

The reason for this website

More than anything, I am building this site as a reference for myself :) More than happy if it is also interesting for somebody else, but the main purpose is to document all the steps necessary to quickly create new pages. The public nature of it forces me to be a bit more through. Hopefully it will attract some comments and I will learn things along the way!